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Kelso and Jackie Are Back In A "That 70's Show" Reboot, "That '90s Show"

Eric Charbonneau. Shutterstock Images.


That '70s Show is getting a reboot. That '90s Show will premiere on Netflix in about a year.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis will reprise their roles are Kelso and Jackie. Kutcher told Variety, “Mila and I were contemplating it. We thought, ‘Listen, we’re only in the position that we’re in because of that show, so let’s just go back and do this. We just went back and had fun for a week. It was so random and fun.”

UGH it's such a chore to be an actor. You have to contemplate filming for a week for the show that gave you your career? What an inconvenience. I hate when that happens. Their biggest role in years was being the couple that doesn't shower. I doubt they're that busy.

All joking aside, I am super excited to see Kelso and Jackie again. But sadly, they were only filming for a week. That's because they are only guest stars on the reboot. The show will revolve around Kitty and Red Forman as well as Eric and Donna's daughter. 

“That ’90s Show” is set to follow Eric (Topher Grace) and Donna’s (Laura Prepon) daughter Leia Forman (Callie Haverda) as she visits her grandparents for the summer. Kurtwood Smith and Debra Jo Rupp are returning from the original cast to once again play Red and Kitty. The series, set in 1995, will follow a new generation of Point Place kids and includes newcomers Haverda, Ashley Aufderheide, Mace Coronel, Maxwell Acee Donovan, Reyn Doi and Sam Morelos.

Don't get me wrong, Kitty and Red are iconic and hilarious. But I am  bummed Mila and Ashton are not the stars. I want to watch a sexy ass couple on TV. Jackie was my first girl crush. Kelso made my lady parts tingle for the first time. I wish it was an Everybody Loves Raymond situation. We could have both couples be the stars (I know Red and Kitty were not Kelso or Jackies' parents, but it would be cute). 

Fortunately, the rest of the cast will reprise their roles as well, with the exception of Hyde. Netflix already fired Danny Masterson, Hyde, from the Emmy Award winning show The Ranch amid on going sexual asualt allegations. Masterson allegedly raped a 23-year-old woman in 2001, a 28-year-old woman in 2003, and a 23-year-old woman in 2003, according to Los Angeles County District Attorney Jackie Lacey. So understandably, Hyde will not be on the reboot. 

The show will be streaming in about a year. Personally, I am excited. The 90s were an amazing decade. This isn't the first reboot That '70s Show has done. They did a That '80s Show. It was a flop. It didn't have the original cast to be fair. But best believe, these people will milk their success as much as they can. They will follow in JK Rowlings footsteps and make every spin off possible. I look forward to That '00s Show.