Decoldest Crawford Has Partnered With a Nebraska HVAC Company in the Best NIL Deal to Date

NIL has gotten so taken over by collectives and high school recruits signing multi-million-dollar deals that we've forgotten what its original purpose even was. Thankfully, America's Wideout Decoldest Crawford and SOS Heating and Cooling have reminded us all what a beautiful thing NIL can be.

I haven't even seen the commercial yet, but I feel confident in saying there will not be another HVAC company in the United States with an ad that even approaches what SOS will have with Decoldest. The script writes itself.

I get if you're not necessarily in favor of the way NIL seems to be trending with millions being thrown around for five-star commitments or high-profile transfers, but the fact it was illegal until last year for something like this is just insane. I want Decoldest Crawford promoting any product that prides itself on its low temperatures. Yeti and Orca coolers should be in a bidding war over this kid.


And I believe I speak for all college football fans when I say we want Decoldest Crawford to turn into the best receiver in the country. It's not like he's playing at Alabama or Georgia where everyone would be obligated to hate him. We are all rooting for Decoldest.