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Mark Hubbard Being Pissed Off During A Hole-In-One Is The Most Infuriating Video On The Internet Today

I mean good for Mark Hubbard, but what the fuck dude. This is INFURIATING. I know that it's dumb and stupid and pointless to mention any sort of our game with pros. But that reaction when he likely missed his line by a few feet is fucking infuriating. The ball can bounce any way man! The ball can be on line and shoot off with a weird kick. The drop of the club only to realize it has a chance. It's an ace dude! I don't care how good you are, pro or amateur, you go batshit crazy for an ace. 

It's infuriating! Just wait it out man. The video is legit 16 seconds long. That's not that long (except at certain things). Legit 2.5 seconds into the video he drops his club in anger. 2.5 seconds! That's too quick. Around the 7 second mark he even does the head down thinking it's going to end up off the green or some shit. At least he realized it. The smirk is a great move. You have no way to truly recover so that's your only move. 

Oh and ridiculous that he got the 360 spin in. That NEVER happens. Gonna try out a new theory tonight during my league where I'll just get super angry after every shot. Every shot will then be perfect.