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It's Officially The Start Of A New Era That's Filled With Loyalty

The biggest news of the offseason (for now) is official. There's an expansion team in The Dozen and it's already got the No. 1 logo and name in the league. You think you can beat that? Good luck. 

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Now let's address the Twitter complaints and rumors. Yes I'm on my 3rd team. No I didn't force myself off of Out Of Office. It was time to break up. We were on one-season contracts and we're all going our separate ways. So much so that the team is now defunct. I wasn't the leader of Out Of Office. I was merely a player. A player that's no longer on that team. 

Oh yeah, Nightmare is dead too. But then again I may have straight up killed them with the first (and only) in-person showing by them. 

So that's how we got to this point. Looking around trying to figure out what teams are out there. The Misfits are no longer The Misfits. Hank is still there, but it's not the original Misfits. It was time for a fresh start. What better guy to start that conversation with than this man? 

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Instantly became the best looking team in the league. Instantly became the best dancing team in the league. Instantly became the duo with the best hair (it averages out). 

Now we needed the weird(er) brain.

 Step in John Rich. I don't know what it is but John Rich is a two-name guy. He's not just John. He's not just Rich. He's John Rich. There are a select few people that are the full name guy, but John Rich is one of them. 

Now I don't know much about John Rich - outside of the fact he may have cried on Idol, he likes Megan Fox, sometimes gets confused for Rich from Big and Rich and gets people to come up with blog topics for him. Bam. Sold. That was our missing piece. That's how you get the first new expansion team announced for Season 3 of The Dozen. 

I can take the KD jokes. I can take the James Harden jokes. Thanks for calling me an elite player. But the fact is I finally found what I was looking for. You don't turn your back on family, even when they do. Yes, we will be making Fast and Furious lines all year during games.

It's the start of a new era.