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Italian Soccer Manager And The Team's Director Got Into A Grade-A Slap Fight In The Club's Parking Lot All Because Of 'Respect'

[Source] - According to Football Italia, Vagnati repeatedly bellowed: "Don’t raise your voice to me, you have no respect!

"I defend you from everyone!"

Juric, 46, hit back: "Go f*** yourself."

Possibly referring to club president Urbano Cairo, Vagnati shouted: "I always defend you from that s***head."

It's claimed that the man separating the duo was striker Pietro Pellegri's father, Marco.

Oh hell yeah. I love a good front office fight. I enjoy even more when it's two guys who really *want* to fight and the most they can do is slap and shove. All about respect too. That's what makes it even better. It's not like they were arguing about something that makes sense. It's about defending one person from the President and respect. That's why you start slap fighting. 

Not exactly sure how a player's father had to break it up. Reads like a Little League story between two coaches. You know that dad is livid. Probably talking to his son about forcing his way out of there. No chance you want to be around that. I'm all for dustups, but someone throw a punch! Connect with something! At least hit a solid push. Knock someone's ass on the ground.

Hell, at the minimum make someone go full Neymar: 

We need more front office fights. I'm not talking about leaking shit to agents and the press. I'm talking about a solid punch to the face. It solves everything. If you can punch a man and then figure out what the starting lineup should be, you're going to win a title. That's just a fact. I even feel bad calling it a slap fight.