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The New York Mets, Who Are Good, Swept The Big Bad Bronx Bombers At Citi Field


I'm allowed to say the New York Mets are good now, right? I was told it was only April, it's still just May, they'll swoon in June, and they'll blow it because they are the Mets. But after taking a series against the World Champion Braves, sweeping the Yankees (you are allowed to call a 2 game series a sweep when you win), and being in first place of the NL East for pretty much the entire season while currently 24 games above .500, I think I'm in the clear. Right Buck?

Yeah yeah yeahhhhh, I know that the Yankees didn't have Giancarlo Stanton or the top of their rotation available this series. But the Mets still haven't had the best pitcher in the sport throw for them yet and have a fresh batch of presents coming their way from Santa Cohen by the deadline. So something tells me we could have a heavyweight rematch at Yankee Stadium next month.

Until then, all we can do is talk about last night where the Mets best was better than the Yankees best as Max Scherzer made Mr. All Rise sit down in the biggest of spots.


God I love that maniac. Buy a shirt!

Seth Lugo showing that he can still be the absolute weapon known as The Quarter Rican after David Peterson gave up a game-tying bomb that caused an avalanche of texts to Mets fans from their gabagool buddies.


Followed by Starling Marte, who along with Scherzer would've NEVER been signed by the Wilpons with the current payroll, finishing things off in the 9th for a full blown Marte Partay at Citi Field.


h/t Aaron Boone for putting a lefty in during the 9th to turn around Eduardo Escobar at the plate, who I said earlier in the day should just abandon batting lefty because he absolutely STINKS at it

via Fangraphs

You know what doesn't stink? The New York Metropolitans pitching.

The Mets taking their talents to South Beach has rarely been fun for the Amazins but something tells me this trip is going to be different just like this team is.

Giphy Images.


Fuck. Yes.

For any Mets fans looking to continue the high from last night or the whole season, check out our postgame recap/reaction We Gotta Believe with special guest and Mets bandwagon rider Chris Castellani as well as Mets fans calling in while Yankees fans watch from home.