PFT Is Giving Away $1.02 Billion To The Audience At Pup Punk In Atlantic City If He Wins The Mega Millions On Friday

*PFT wants me to note that the part about Big Cat matching the $1.02 billion is parody

Yep, you heard that right folks - PFT has (selflessly) bought $500 worth of Mega Millions tickets for Friday night's $1.02 billion dollar jackpot drawing, and if any of them happen to be winners, the proceeds are going to be split between the few hundred people allowed into the Anchor Rock Club in Atlantic City for Pup Punk. 


It might just be the craziest damn idea I've ever heard, but imagine the pop if it hits while we're on stage playing The Anthem or some shit?! It would be this video on steroids....

Seriously tho - we've got a really fun eighteen song setlist prepared and it's gonna be a blast. Rone's a killer frontman, Frankie's gonna be playing (and singing!) with a bionic arm, PFT is an absolute shredder and one of the best guitar players in the universe, and I will also be there. I think the big man Large is gonna be in attendance as well!

Make a pop punk trip outta this weekend - come see us in Atlantic City on Friday night, and then go to Sad Summer Fest (State Champs, Neck Deep, Hot Mulligan, and more!) in Philly the next day! That's what I'm doin!

Get tickets to our show in Atlantic City below….