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Get Every Coach On The Line: The World's Tallest Teenager Had His Newest Basketball Highlights Hit The Internet And It's Flat Out Absurd

First off, obligatory 

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This is Olivier Rioux - a 16 year old who just finished up his freshman year at IMG Academy. He's also the world's tallest teenager according to Guinness World Records. It's one of the more absurd mixtapes I can remember seeing because he's actually … coordinated. That's the most shocking part of this all. You see lanky teenagers that are like 6'3" and they don't know how to walk. This dude has a nice touch from the free throw line. Good footwork. 

At least he's using his size to be good. Nothing pisses me off than seeing a tall guy who stinks at sports. How can you be that tall and either not care about sports or not be somewhat talented? You won the genetic lottery! You already have the height - something you can't teach. At some point you gotta work with someone that can figure it out. At the minimum call Kevin Bacon - he has success with these sort of guys. Watch The Air Up There one time. 

He actually went viral when he was 12 - because, well, look: 

Love the backwards shot. No need to look at the hoop when you're already staring at it eye level. Now at 16 he's moving well and starting shit. What was this dude thinking getting upset? 

You're not winning that fight at 16. Not unless you chop at the knees like you're Army running the option. At least the team here has the right strategy. Throw the ball high and let Olivier dunk. Don't overcomplicate shit.