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All Things Coming Up Lions: Calvin Johnson Is Reportedly Willing To Help The Team And Mentor Rookie WR Jameson Williams

It's tough to have a better offseason than the Detroit Lions. They landed hometown guy Aiden Hutchinson in the Draft. They did it so fast they even pissed off the NFL. Bad boys of the league are officially in Detroit. They got the nod to be on Hard Knocks - and yeah, Hard Knocks has kind of sucked recently, it's still a sign that people care about the Lions. 

But this? This is the ultimate we're changing the culture move. Calvin Johnson and the Lions have a weird relationship to say the least. 

This is a baby step. The Lions still need to pay him because you know, he's Calvin fucking Johnson. He's one of the two best players the Lions ever had along with Barry Sanders. Do whatever it takes to get him around the team more. In fact Calvin said he'd be willing to help 'any' rookie WR. 

[Source] - Hall of Fame wide receiver Calvin Johnson told ESPN he’s willing to work with young pass-catchers around the NFL looking for his guidance, including Detroit Lions rookie Jameson Williams.

Williams, whom the Lions selected No. 12 overall in the 2022 draft, wears No. 18 as a nod to Johnson’s No. 81 jersey. He said during rookie minicamp in May he hoped to someday meet Johnson.

You can't have Calvin Johnson help all the young wide receivers. Lions only. That's worth way more than the $1.6 million you owe him. That's worth at least double. Jameson Williams is coming back from a torn ACL, but he's legit trying to be Calvin Johnson wearing number 18. Pay him double and hire him to be Jameson Williams' personal coach. Prevent other teams from getting to this. 

You gotta think this is a big brain move by Dan Campbell. Getting Calvin closer to the Lions is only a move Campbell can pull off.