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A Couple Is In Trouble For Having Sex On The Set Of Game Of Thrones, But If You Have The Opportunity To Have Sex In King's Landing, You Take It

Winter isn’t the only thing that’s coming.

A brazen couple has been busted having public sex at a filming location from “Game of Thrones.”

The shocking incident occurred last week in the Old Town area of Dubrovnik, Croatia — which served as the set for the fictional city of King’s Landing in the hit HBO show.

A passerby flipped out their cellphone to record the romping pair, with the X-rated footage looking like a scene from the notoriously naughty fantasy series.

In the video, the kinky couple is seen standing against a stone wall in the historic square, with the woman bent over as her partner penetrates her from behind.

First thing's first - BRAVO to the NY Post for this hard hitting journalism. No sarcasm there at all. "Game of moans," "winter isn't the only thing that's coming," I'm howling. That aside, is anyone surprised that people are bending over and taking it from behind in the middle of Cersei's shame walk route? I'm not!

Perhaps excited to be recreating a “Game of Thrones” sex scene, the potential superfan is seen thrusting with extreme vigor.

Extreme vigor! LOL

However, the ending of the couple’s romp was an anti-climatic disappointment — much like “Game of Thrones'” critically-panned final season — as they were forced to stop fornicating when approached by a disgruntled stranger.

The public sex session took place just meters from where the show’s famous “shame scene” was filmed — and it’s lucky the perverted pair weren’t paraded down the street and heckled by outraged residents in the same way as character Cersei Lannister (Lena Headly).

According to CEN, locals have been upset at the recent uptick in public sex and public urination.

"It's lucky the perverted pair weren't paraded down the street" - hey uh, if these people are fucking in public, I can guarantee with 100% of my being that they'd be into being paraded down the street getting SHAME yelled at them. It goes with the territory. The natural progression of things is as follows - (based on a PornHub algorithm) fucking outdoors, fucking in public, public shaming. They'd love it. It'd be an extra treat on top of the thrill that is fucking in King's Landing, which, I would imagine, many would be into. People go apeshit for Game of Thrones. People love a little danger. People love fucking! Congrats to these two for pulling it off, getting caught and all.