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Dan Campbell Has Already Gone Full Football Guy At Lions Training Camp Working Out With The Players Then Giving A Passionate Speech About Grit To The Media

I know that Pardon My Take just had their Takie Awards for 2022, but I'm pretty sure Dan Campbell just locked up Football Guy of the Year for 2023 if not for the rest of his life by being the literal definition of a Football Guy. Not just for working out with the guys but for going on a full blown rant about grit.

I would say this is all an elaborate ruse by PMT to kick off this year's Grit Week with a viral clip of what grit is. However, I know that Dan Campbell was a young'n preaching about grit on a gridiron in Texas long before Big Cat and PFT were born (on the same week no less!), which has to be music to Lions fans' ears. Turning around a franchise that has been terrible for an eternity requires grit, sweat equity, and all the 😤 emojis that these Lions players can fit in their Instagram workout videos. 

If this is what's going on in front of the cameras, I can't wait to see what's going on behind the scenes during Hard Knocks.

You know what? Fuck it. It's training camp, which means the return of an S-Tier football song that gets the juices moving to all the right places.

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