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Sammy Adams Songs Are Still Confirmed BANGERS

This popped up on my FYP over the weekend and I cracked up at the randomness of it. Barstool Black Out tour legend Sammy Adams just out in the Hamptons, Sag Harbor, to be exact playing the hits while the crowd sings along to every word. 

That time of rappers and music in the college scene was like no other. Everyone was trading music and telling you about the new song you had to hear or new rapper to check out . It was a ton of songs about partying hard, drinking, and girls. It was high energy and it still to this day makes me say "I love that song." Goes to show Sammy can still bring down the fucking house anywhere he goes. Shoutout to Boston's Boy... still doing it a decade later. 

My personal top 5 Sammy Adams Songs : 

1- Coming Up 

2- All Night Longer 

3- Driving Me Crazy 


4- I Hate College

5- Coast to Coast