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This Dad Screaming About Joey Gallo Pinch Hitting Last Night Is Every Yankee Fan In The World

I'm not sure there's ever been a more predictable outcome in the history of time than Joey Gallo striking out last night against Edwin Diaz in the 8th. Cold off the bench, the worst hitter in baseball who strikes out more than anyone, against one of the best closers this year who is known for his high k rate. What'd you think was gonna happen? Well, this Italian bleeding die hard Yankee fan had the same thought. Every word he said was uttered out of all of us last night. 

After the game they asked Boone about the move and he said he wanted to "force" the Mets to bring in their closer for four outs. He also said it was about getting on base there, not necessarily a hit. Well for starters Gallo's OBP is a putrid .285 so it's not like he's been up there walking a ton aside from the outs. IKF had two hits last night and has been one of the team's hottest hitters in the last few weeks. While I understand the logic behind wanting to get four outs out of Diaz there, you just can't send up Gallo in that spot. That was an automatic strikeout in every reality of time you can find. 

Get Joey Gallo off this team. He's 6 for his last 68 with 32 strikeouts. He's hitting .161 on the year with a OPS+ of 80. There's no reason he should still be on this team. Send him directly to the sun. This team is LIMPING and is in desperate need of Cashman going to work at the deadline. If they stay as they are they are doomed.