Notre Dame Put Out Possibly the Best Uniform Reveal Video Ever and It Actually Makes Them Seem Likable

Similarly to most Americans, I will never like Notre Dame. They have Vanderbilt's attitude, but it's actually coupled with success — a dangerous combination which does not generally lend itself to a likable team or group of fans. But damn it if I didn't watch this video and find Notre Dame a bit likable. I am not prepared for Marcus Freeman to bring that dynamic to South Bend.

Most reveals are just some athletic department intern dressed in the uniform in front of strobe lights or walking through a river or something like that. And that's fine, because 99 percent of schools in the country couldn't put their coach in something like this and have it turn out well. It's easy to see why Notre Dame currently has the No. 2 overall 2023 recruiting class.

Now, the uniform itself is atrocious — it looks like Georgia Tech is going through a Gothic phase — but that just further proves what a fantastic video this is. Nobody is talking about how terrible the thing they're actually revealing looks, they're just focused on the great production.

I don't want Notre Dame to be likable. Freeman needs to start being a real asshole so America can continue rooting against the Fighting Irish and feel good about it.