Dedication: A Model Started A FIVE HOUR PER DAY Sex Diet In Order To Get In Shape So She Can Win Miss BumBum 2022

Meet Carolina Lekker. Carolina has a big, BIG month coming up. You see she's one of 15 finalists for the prestigious Miss BumBum 2022 title in August. It's a pretty important contest if you ask me. She's representing an entire area in Brazil too! It's like winning your state and moving onto nationals. You can't just have Miss BumBum of your state. Oh no, that's why she's going to extreme measures. 

[Daily Star] - Carolina said: "To burn the calories, I started the sex diet. It's five hours of sex a day, at least four days a week. I want to lose 13lbs.

"We lose a lot of calories having sex. Besides, it's a normal thing, which is good for your health.

"So I combined the pleasure with the physical exercise to prepare myself even more for the grand finale."

I, uh, I'm sorry? FIVE HOURS A DAY? 20 hours a week? That's a part time job! Shit, I feel lucky to sleep 20 hours a week and Carolina is out here fucking. That's just far too much sex. Don't you get bored? How do you find a guy to have sex that much? Maybe it's just me being 35 and a blogger, but I can't imagine having sex five hours a month let alone a day. 

She's even going all the way in though. She's avoiding certain food to have more sex. 

She explained: "I have avoided soda, excess alcohol, dairy products and fatty foods.

"I eat more dark chocolate, bananas, eggs and honey."

Excess alcohol? Isn't alcohol how sex happens anyways? Shit, I can't imagine cutting out food to have sex. I go the other way. Give me that spicy sausage and make my stomach feel miserable for 24 hours. I don't mind. Sometimes the food is better than sex. 

This is dedication though. This proves that not just anyone can win Miss BumBum 2022. You train for this shit. You cut weight like a wrestler. You make sure that ass - excuse me, BumBum - is in shape. August 5 is when it all pays off for Carolina.