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The New Bachelorette Format This Season Has Defeated The Entire Purpose Of The Show And Given The Men Too Much Power, Resulting In Incredible Reality TV

For those who aren't glued to their TVs on Monday nights between 8-10pm, The Bachelorette is trying to - again - proceed with two female leads. IS IT WORKING? No, no it is not.

In 2015, The Bachelor franchise tried this formula of having two female leads, but at this time, the men ultimately chose who they wanted to be The Bachelorette after meeting both women. The girls in question, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nillson, were pitted against each other to compete for the top spot, and the men ultimately chose Kaitlyn. Kaitlyn herself has been very vocal over the years about how fucked up this was - imagine being Britt, who was absolutely lovely, hearing that a room of men decided she wasn't good enough to fight for her love? Gross. It sucked to watch then, so it's unclear as to why ABC felt that trying for a second time, to use two leads. This time however, no one goes home - the men just...pick who they want to go for. Spoiler alert - it's a disaster! 

Gabby and Rachel are two very different, equally wonderful girls who both caught the short end of the stick on Clayton's season after being told they were loved, only to be later ditched for another girl, Susie, who Clayton had already dismissed. Both Gabby and Rachel were equally deserving of becoming the next Bachelorette, and for some reason, ABC decided to double up. What could possibly go wrong! Everything. Everything has gone wrong. The main issue? The men have entirely too much power.

Most of the men have chosen who's affection they are trying to win, and it's coming at a cost. Several of the men have now "broken up with" either Gabby or Rachel, telling them to their faces that "they just aren't interested" or my personal favorite, "you're a little rough around the edges for me."

After several awkward conversations, it was decided that the girls would choose who THEY wanted to give roses to, and moving forward, if the men accepted that rose, they were to pursue the woman who had given them the rose. In theory, sure, this could work. But this is MEN we're talking about! If they're given the choice between two women, and one of them doesn't work out, naturally they're just going to try for the other woman. They don't really care who they are fighting for - they want to be on TV. In a shocking turn of events - feelings are getting hurt! Is this going to work out for the best? Probably not. Does it make for incredible TV? Yes it does. For the past 3 weeks we've sat open mouthed at the nerve some of these guys have. Do they not realize they are lucky to be there? That these two women have feelings, and are genuinely looking for a partner? It certainly seems like they don't give a fuck! We break this down and much more on this week's episode of Cutting Stems. Give it a watch, and start tuning in along with us. If the story continues as it is, it has the potential to be the messiest season that's ever aired.