Find A Coach Who Loves Their QB More Than Nick Sirianni Adores Jalen Hurts

Yup. Eagles Head Coach Nick Sirianni is running back the t-shirts and handshakes in 2022 with his QB1 who is in a do or die year for his career in green. I don't necessarily hate it. Midas whale give Jalen Hurts as much support and love as you want. He deserves all the chances this season after showing off his leadership, great attitude, and extreme work ethic. Sure, it's going to look very awkward if you need to bench him at some point during the year or package your million draft picks for a "Real QB" with an "Actual Arm" in 2023, but for now just let it ride. 

As for the shirts, I assumed they were laid to bed after a series of try-hard efforts last season that resulted in unnecessary conversations. Some may say it would be smart to just wear normal Eagles coaching gear and worry about the play on the field, but some digress. This isn't even the first time Sirianni has worn that exact Jalen Hurts shirt.

That week the Eagles lost at home to the 49ers 17-11. The very next week Sirianni wore a Beat Dallas shirt... 

...and then proceeded to lose 41-21 in primetime while only running the ball 3 times with his backfield. I repeat: 3 SCRIPTED PLAYS TO THE RUNNING BACKS!!! The wardrobe was scaled back after that, and rightfully so. Even though this shirt is always acceptable to wear at practice, games, weddings, bah mitzvahs, funerals, moon landings, etc...


As for the actual training camp, it's great to see the likes of BG back in action after missing most of last year and AJ Brown taking Philly by storm. Howie and Nick took to the podium today to deliver their normal BS which ultimately amounts to dick. Don't think so? Here's a quick reminder: 

We'll see how thing shake out. Sirianni and the Eagles were historically quiet last training camp in terms of showing their cards for the actual season. I'm sure there will be tons to be made out of nothing as there are a zillion beat reporters at the Novacare Complex live Tweeting and analyzing every single 7 on 7 snap. Let's stay healthy and get ready for Week 1. Go Birds. 

PS - Chances people are calling for Carson Strong to be the franchise QB after 1 game, nay, absolute howitzer pass this preseason vs. 8th string scrubs? 10000%. The dude might not have any knees, but man can he chuck.