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The Legend Of Meatball Molly Grows: She Was Given 3 Rules To Follow And She Broke Them All


Meatball Molly absolutely rules. I don't know what Dana White is paying her ($9 an hour?) but he needs to quadruple it, make her the face of women's MMA, and put her on a rocketship to super-stardom. Look, I'm not an X's and O's MMA guy. I watch the big fights, the PPVs, and now whenever Molly and Paddy fight. They get me to care about MMA. They have the charisma, that "it" factor, that few others possess. And everything they say or do is must-watch. Molly saying she was given 3 rules, and then breaking all 3 rules, is so perfect. Imagine trying to follow the "don't jump off the cage" rule after you put a woman to sleep with your elbow? I cannot imagine the adrenaline rush. And then getting the entire crowd to sing "Fuck the Tories"? I don't even know what a Tory is and I fucking hate them!!! Fuck the Tories!!! 

Molly and Paddy seem as genuine as it gets, as funny as they come, and then they get in the octagon and make people cry. But out of the octagon everyone is a fan (besides, I assume, really, really, really douchebaggy MMA "purists" who can't fathom the idea of us normies enjoying THEIR sport), including The Rock



That's when you KNOW you've made it.

For the full interview with Molly and Paddy check out this week's Dave Portnoy Show. 



Oh and a long-time employee is quitting. (Spoiler, it's Big Cat).