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"His Leadership And Grasp Of The Offense Is OUTSTANDING. His Footwork And Fundamentals Are Through The Roof Too". Eberflus Gassing Up Justin Fields Has Me Ready For Football

I told myself I wouldn't get sucked in. That I would set low expectations. Take the season as it comes to me. I told myself I wouldn't get excited about anything. Then...Eberflus started talking about Justin Fields and...

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One comment, shorts&shells, and those orange non-contact jerseys get me going. I am addicted to the idea of having a great quarterback. I know the Bears aren't going to be a good team this year. All I need is hope. I just need to see Fields do it. I need to see him play this year in a way that lets me see into the future. When Eberflus says that he is basically perfect as far as off-season progression goes then I am powerless to fight my Bears optimism relapse. It's just how I am wired. If they get 6 wins and Fields looks like the guy then this was a GREAT season. I believe he's that dude. It sounds like Eberflus believes too. Sounds like Fields believes and is out for REVENGE this year

He sounds like he is pissed off for greatness as Ray Lewis used to say. I believe. Don't get in this guy's way. If he can make this WR group look good then he can do anything. A real coach, a real QB, a real stadium coming, a real chance at a bright future. Let's. GO.