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Leave Russell Wilson Alone! That's A Totally Normal And Practical Truck To Show Up To Training Camp In

The thing about Mr. Unlimited is that he is always prepared for what life throws his way. It's a pretty big lifestyle change going from Seattle to Denver. Now this man needs to traverse the Rocky Mountains every day just to get to work. You need a proper vehicle to conquer that treacherous terrain. You can't be navigating the Rockies in a Hyundai Elantra. Heck, you can hardly even navigate the Rockies in a Ford F-150. 

You need the most comically oversized truck with all the bells and whistles you can get your hands on. You need that trim package to be unliiiimmmiiittteeed. 

Now I've been seeing a lotta folks on the internet giving Russ a bunch of guff for this truck. Been seeing a lot of hurtful comments being hurled his way. Folks saying that Russell Wilson is clearly overcompensating with his choice of vehicle. What bothers me the most is the amount of blatant height shaming we are still seeing in the year 2022. 

I thought we were past this as a society. It's 2022. Short Kings can drive jacked up trucks if they want to. Get the massive grill guard. Throw on the massive off-road lights. Strap that massive spare to the roof. Massive this. Massive that. Russell Wilson isn't overcompensating for shit, okay??????? The dude is just unlimited. You wouldn't be able to understand. And speaking of unlimited, I hope he's ready work a massive signing bonus into his next contract to pay for all the gas this thing is going to guzzle up. Being a truck guy in this economy is perhaps the hardest struggle that any human has ever had to endure. 

Sidenote: I've also been seeing people "dunk on" Russ for wearing his own jersey to the first day of training camp. Uhhhh hey, idiots, how else do you expect him to make unlimited new friends? You ever hear of a little thing called a name tag? Yeah it helps people establish who you are and thus allows you to build relationships immediately through basic interaction. But instead of wearing a silly little "name" sticker on his shirt, he's got his on his back. It's like none of you bozos ever started a new job before.