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Selena (R.I.P.) Has A New Album Coming Out. And Her First (Posthumous) Single Dropped Today

First off, if you don’t respect the late, great Selena’s music then you can kiss my ass.

Aside from the story of her tragic death being so messed up, and heartbreaking, the world was truly robbed of an incredible talent.

Just as she was starting to really blow up and take off she was murdered by her psychotic manager.

 27 years ago she was killed. During that time Latin music has EXPLODED here in the US and worldwide. She would have been an absolute force and pillar of that movement. A household name like J Lo at this point.

(Speaking of which, J Lo blew up because of her portrayal of Selena in the biographical film by the same name)

(Even though the new series “Selena” on Netflix last year, and the actress/singer who plays her blow J Lo away (musically))

The first single from the upcoming 13-track retrospective is an updated version of the ballad "Como Te Quiero Yo a Ti,"which translates to "How I Love You."

The new track, the third version of the song to be released, was originally recorded in 1987 as part of the Selena y los Dinos album "Preciosa." A second version was modernized for the release of the 2004 posthumous album titled "Momentos Intimos."

New music from a megastar like Selena is always welcome. I’m glad technology and preservation has allowed fans the opportunity to hear this (August 26th), nearly 3 decades later.

P.s.- if “I Could Fall” isn’t on your mixtapes you make your girlfriend you’re doing it all wrong. Absolute flames

Both the original and J Lo versions