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Here Is Everything Coming And Going From Netflix In August


August 1st: 8 Mile, Above the Rim, Battle: Los Angeles, Constantine, Dinner for Schmucks, Eyes Wide Shut, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Footloose, Hardcore Henry, Legends of the Fall, Love & Basketball, Men in Black 1-3, Miss Congeniality, No Strings Attached, Space Jam, Spider-Man 1-3, The Town

August 2nd: Flight

August 5th: Skyfall.The Informer, The Sandman S1

August 9th: The Nice Guys

August 11th: Dope

August 12th: Day Shift

August 19th: Kleo(New espionage series about the fall of the Berlin Wall), Uncharted

August 26th: Me Time


August 1st: 21, 30 Rock, Anaconda, Forrest Gump, Freddy Vs Jason, Friday Night Lights, Good Luck Chuck, Inception, Jackass, John Q, Lean on Me, Love Actually, Project X, The Blind Side, The Book of Eli, The Quick and the Dead, The Replacements, War of the Worlds, You've Got Mail 

August 26th: Taxi Driver

August 28th: Wind River