Taco Bell Employee Dumps a Pot of Boiling Water on Customer

A video of a Taco Bell employee in Dallas, TX dumping boiling water onto a customer went viral today. According to the article in the Daily Mail that I am plagiarizing, the dispute started in the drive-thru line and carried over into the store. It was 2 customers vs the entire Taco Bell staff. All over a $30 order. Apparently the Taco Bell employees re-made the order 3 times, and it was still incorrect. At one point during the ordeal, the Taco Bell employee challenged the customers to a fight. 

Eventually the manager got involved and attempted to throw 2 buckets of boiling water on the customers. The first bucket hit them square in the face. They managed to escape before they got hit with the second bucket. One customer went home with severe 3rd degree burns on her face and body. They were so bad that she removed all the mirrors from her home. 

This was my favorite part of the article

Davis and her niece were both hit in the face and chest with the water soaking into their clothes.  They attempted to leave the restaurant, but were locked in. 

The manager went to the back again to get more water, but the pair managed to escape to their car where family members were waiting and were not hit a second time. They then managed to unlock the door.  

'As this family was leaving the parking lot, a Taco Bell employee came outside the front door, laughing, clapping, and taunting the family,' the lawsuit reads. 'The burns on her face will cause discoloring and scarring that will forever impact her self-image.' - Daily Mail

What a fun Taco Bell. Locking your customers in the store is a hilarious move. I think they probably did so to prevent other customers from coming into the store during the altercation, but I like to imagine they wanted to lock them in there so they could continuously dump pot after pot of boiling water on them. 

You would think throwing boiling water on a customer's face causing them life changing 3rd degree burns would be a situation where after you do it, you take a step back and are like, "What the fuck have I done? I'm in so much trouble." But that was clearly not the case for these Taco Bell employees. The fact that an employee followed them out of the store "laughing, clapping, and taunting" to add insult to injury is diabolical. The camaraderie between the employees at this Taco Bell must be off the charts if they all stuck together throughout this whole ordeal. Ride or die culture.

The customers are seeking $1 million in damages, and I'm assuming they will get it. I have been BEGGING for this to happen to me for years. I'm always looking for ways to catch a bag in a lawsuit. Whether it's being hit by a city bus (s/o Liz), falling through a subway grate, or accidentally getting picked up by the claws of a dump truck and getting tossed into the back with all the garbage. I will endure a lot for money.

This article got me thinking about what a person would have to do for me to burn their face with boiling hot water. It would take a lot, and I would need to be having a really bad day, but there are certainly situations in which I would do it. 

Here are a few situations off the top of my head:

Attempted Murder - This is is obvious. If someone tries to attack me, and I have a pot of boiling hot water at my disposal, I will throw it in their face.

Attempted Mugging - Same thing as above.

He tried to upsell me on an oil change and then made me feel like a bad car owner when I ended up going with the cheapest option - A Valvoline employee named Garrett did this to me a few years ago. I'm still sour about it.

He's my Uber driver and he made a wrong turn 

He's my Uber Eats driver and I can see on the map that he is driving the opposite direction of my house

I just bumped my head really hard - Whenever I bump my head, a wave of intense anger overcomes me for about 5 seconds. If someone tries me a second after I bump my head and I'm holding a pot of boiling water, it's over for them.

They're on fire and it's the only source of water available - Either die in a fire or live the rest of your life with 3rd degree burns. Actually, you'll probably already have 3rd degree burns from the fire, so might as well put it out with boiling water.

They walked up to Lil Sas who was sitting right next to me and asked if he would answer a question for a Tik Tok video then didn't ask me to be a part of the video - This happens every day and it hurt my feelings every time.

He's making mean comments about me online - Obviously