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'He's Talking To Us Like Grown Men' - Josh Allen Wasted No Time Explaining How The Jags Have A 'Professional' Locker Room Now That Urban Is Gone

Well that sums it up pretty well. Listen, two things can be true. Urban can be an elite, all-time great college football coach and stink in the NFL. It's not uncommon. It's rare that we see guys excel in both levels. It's also not a surprise after all the reports of how much of a disaster the Jags and Urban were last year. 

But the professional locker room and talking to us like grown men are the lines that stick out. No doubt that Urban tried to run it like a college team. He's used to being the guy and coaching college kids - not professional athletes. It doesn't matter the sport, there's just a difference when you go from guys on scholarship with NIL (or the old school way of doing it) to guys with million dollars worth of contracts. 

It's somewhat refreshing to hear an honest answer though. Allen and the rest of the Jags could go silent and brush these sort of questions off or they could just say how they feel. I don't care if a player is honest like this. The Jags STUNK last year. They might stink again this year but at least they have a professional locker room. That's a step in the right direction. 

I just wish Josh Allen would get out of there. He's one of my all time favorites from Kentucky. Dude was so good his last year there that he was arguably the best defensive player in the country. Still wish the Giants took him over Daniel Jones - no matter what Clem says. 

Doug Pederson, your early NFL Coach of the Year for the simple fact that he's not Urban.

PS: Love the media guy in the bucket hat.