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With the Jackpot at $810 Million, The Founder Of Raising Cane's Bought 50,000 Lottery Tickets, 1 For Each Of His Employees



ABC7 - As the Mega Millions jackpot approaches record territory, the founder of the Raising Cane's restaurant chain is buying tickets for all of the company's 50,000 employees.

If any of the tickets hit the lucky numbers, the prize money would be split among workers. That would give everyone several thousand dollars based on current calculations, according to a release.

Raising Cane's founder Todd Graves says buying the tickets is a nice gift for workers and could translate into a pleasant surprise for everyone Wednesday morning.


That's what they refer to in the old country as a mensch. What a guy. What a fella. That's just a good gesture. Sure it's a hell of a flex to be able to drop a casual $50k on lottery tickets, but it's a solid investment as well considering that $50k won't even make a fraction of a noticeable dent in his net worth. He's made that $50k back by the time I have finished typing this sentence. Shit, if he was ever struggling for cash he could just start selling Cane's sauce in stores and make a quick billion. Or just open a location in NYC, just sayin'….

As for me, I'll go buy my $20 worth of tickets today and then take the rest of the afternoon off to daydream about what I will do with my money. I'll put some (a couple hundred million) in the rainy day fund, and then it's off to travel the world playing high stakes poker tournaments and sailing the 7 seas. I want to eat all the best foods, see all the nicest places, and play all the highest buy-in tournaments. That's basically all I care about in the world. Food, nice views from a boat, and high rollers. What a dream. I'll still clock in occasionally at the dick sucking factory though. As long as Dan Snyder owns the Washington Football Commanders I'll be pounding this keyboard, but I sure as hell won't be editing a White Sox Dave blog anymore.