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Kylie Jenner Demands That Zuck Make Instagram Instagram Again

Matt Baron. Shutterstock Images.

Kylie Jenner knows a thing or two about authenticity. Which is probably why she wants Instagram to stop being fake.

The most-followed celeb on IG is butt hurt that Zuckerbot has shifted his focus from pokes and creating the metaverse to becoming TikTok. For what it's worth, she's not wrong… internal memos from Facebook leadership came just shy of threatening employees' next of kin should the site not figure out how to rip off TikTok. Reminder: Facebook is very good at this copying its competitors. For fuck's sake, Mark stole the idea for "The Facebook" from the Winkelvii. So, yeah, you could say it's engrained in the company's culture.

Kylie re-shared a post that read "Make Instagram Instagram again."  In case Zuck didn't hear, she commented to her 360M followers: "PLEASEEEEEE." That's 6 E's for those of you keeping score at home… which I am pretty sure is the threshold for the White House to review the matter.

Oh, and did I mention that her sister Kim, who has 326M followers (rookie numbers in this racket) posted the same image and said "PRETTY PLEASE"? If nothing else, Kris raised these girls right…

"Why the f*ck should I care, Tyler?" - you, probably

Because the Kardashian-Jenner clan moves the needle, whether you like it or not. Case in point: in 2018 Kylie threw shade at Snapchat, indicating she doesn't open the app anymore. That tweet sent Snap shares down 6.1%, erasing $1.3B in market cap.

Shares of Facebook fell ~1.5% yesterday… but so did every other tech stonk. So, while Meta might be a bit more insulated from the Kurse of the Kardashians than Snap in the short term, the move could mean the 'book's business model is about to go the way of Lamar Odom. You see, Kylie and the rest of the companies that Kris built for her brood rely heavily on IG to move makeup, clothing and other products that have done untold damage to a generation of girls and women.

Perhaps the Kardashian-Jenners aren't too happy about changes to the ad product? Remember, it's an open secret that Facebook was struggling to monetize its Reels (read: its Tiktok ripoff).

Snap Necks and Cash Checks,


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