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The Boston Red Sox Finally Won A Baseball Game This Evening And The Fenway Faithful Lost Their Shit

Boston took their first lead in the month of July tonight and Sox fans didn't know what to do with themselves. Naturally, Sully here (in red) probably mouthed off to Billy (in white). Billy probably got embarrassed in front of the girl he's trying to take down (in white shorts), which is why he splurged for the Loge Box seats in the first place, one thing lead to another, and next thing you know nobody's getting laid, and these two end up in central booking together.

Few things here:

1- I watched Paddy fight on Saturday and was pretty amazed at 1- how strong that mother fucker is for his size, and 2- how great of a fighter he is when he's grappling, on the ground tangled up, or looking like he doesn't have any leverage. All that said, I don't think I've ever seen somebody dominate a fight as much as (Billy) the guy in white did while laying on his back. Fuckin speed bagged the guy on top's face.

2- Props to the guy in red for just eating a hailstorm of right hands. I counted a 7 combination before Boston PD arrived to break things up. 

3- Still amazes me how packed Fenway is every night the Red Sox are home. Doesn't matter who's in town, or what night of the week it is. This team is 20 games back, 1 game ahead of dumpster fire Baltimore, and just got outscored like 50-5 in the last 4 games and the place is still slammed. Fuckin incredible. 

And yes, as mentioned above, they pulled it out tonight against Cleveland.

One of the highlights was Cleveland's starter, Plesac pulling a Trevor Bauer/Albert Belle and launching the ball out of the park

With a light rain falling, Yolmer Sánchez hit an RBI single in the third inning to put Boston ahead 1-0. Plate umpire and crew chief Dan Iassogna then called for the tarp and Plesac, who was walking toward the third-base dugout, fired the ball over the third-base roof and out of the ballpark.

“Well, I mean, it wasn’t even raining,” Plesac said of his frustration. “It’s kind of like they’re anticipating it. I was ready to play until we couldn’t play. I don’t think we should stop the game if we’re capable of playing at the moment."

“I was just frustrated we shut that down. I didn’t know if we’d be able to play or not coming out of the break. Luckily, it only lasted like 40 minutes or so,” he said.

The game was delayed 38 minutes and Plesac returned to pitch.

Alex Verdugo hit a tiebreaking double and Boston’s bullpen worked 3 1/3 scoreless innings.

Wearing their “city connect” yellow-and-powder blue uniforms, the Red Sox broke a 1-1 tie with two runs in the sixth, chasing Plesac (2-8).

Verdugo doubled off the Green Monster and Rob Refsnyder raced home when the ball bounced over left fielder Steven Kwan back toward the infield as he fell to the ground trying to play the carom. Christian Vázquez added a bloop RBI single off reliever Trevor Stephan.