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Horrifying Video of a Great White Breaking Into a Shark Cage And Nearly Ripping a Diver To Shreds

Nope. No. No. No. Not a fucking chance. Call me a pussy all you want, but there's no amount of money on Earth you could pay me to get into a shark cage and chill in the open ocean like that. 

How in any world is that cage deemed safe? You can just swim through the bottom no problem? No one thought that might become an issue at some point? The lack of care you have to possess with your life to sit in a piece of plastic like that just begging the shark to fuck with you is insane to me. What'd you think was gonna happen? 

At least Hooper's cage had a floor to it. Certainly didn't work in containing Jaws, but I'd take that model of this piece of shit one above everyday of the week. 

Anyways, happy shark week!