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Jake Arrieta is Calling His Shot: We Will See A Subway Series in October 2022

On today's Pardon My Take... JAKE ARRIETA! The World Series Champion and host of the Starting 9 Podcast joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show ahead of the MLB Trade Deadline to discuss some possible moves that could be made this week, the next destination for Juan Soto, owners being owners, and much more. The guys also wrapped up the interview by asking Arrieta what his updated World Series pick will be, and I'll cut right to the chase: If you're a New Yorker, you will enjoy what the former Cy Young winner has to say...

Mr. Cat: Do we have your World Series pick? Because I'm sure you gave one before the season, but we're going to give you a second chance. Do it right now. We'll just say this is your pick and you can be right and we'll give you all the credit in the world.


Jake Arrieta: Well, so this is my pick. I like a Subway Series. I like the New York Mets against the New York Yankees. I think with deGrom and Scherzer back at 100%, I think the Mets find a way to separate themselves even further and win that division. And I don't see anybody slowing down the Yankees, I just really don't. I want to see Judge hit 85 homers this year, and I want to see Rizzo and Matt Carpenter get a ring along with the rest of those guys. I like that team, I also like the mets. Colin, our producer, is a diehard Mets fan. I know he's probably going to be pissed at me when he hears me say I want the Mets to get a ring. But just seeing the Subway Series, I think it's good for the game of baseball. Obviously, it's goof for, you know, the Northeast and New York in particular, so that's my pick. 

Mr. Cat: And it's good for me, I bet it 14 to 1 two months ago. 

Jake Arrieta: Oh, you're good on that.

Mr. Cat: Yeah, famous last words. 

Mr. Commenter: Do you want to see the Yankees get a ring because just like, it would be good for baseball for the Yankees to win another World Series? Or are you just saying that because you got friends on the team and you're like, "I want them to win."

Mr. Cat: Well, Rizzo, yeah.

Jake Arrieta: Yeah, you know, with what happened to [Matt] Carpenter, like he decided to play another season. He was with Texas, he opted out. He goes to the Yankees and ends up hitting, you know, six or seven homers in like two weeks. You got to pull for Rizzo. My son, Cooper, got to meet Judge at the All-Star Game, and now it's his new favorite player. You know, I like those guys. I like Gerrit Cole, you know, Zack Britton, he's not pitching right now, but he's one of my boys. So, I like that clubhouse, but I also like the Mets. So, if both those teams get there, let the best team win, and I'll be happy. 


Mr. Cat: It would be great for Barstool content, because we've got a lot of Yankees fans and Mets fans running around here. 

Jake Arrieta: No doubt. It would be crazy, man.

Mr. Cat: It would be crazy.

Crazy is an understatement. For a week and a half in late October, Barstool HQ would be absolute MAYHEM if the Yankees and Mets both reached the 2022 World Series. Judge and Stanton homers, deGrom and Scherzer striking out the side, man, would that be fun. You never know!