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Andrew Schulz Praises James Dolan, Says Jalen Brunson Is A Home Run Signing

On today's Pardon My Take... ANDREW SCHULZ! The comedian joined Mr. Cat and Mr. Commenter on today's show to discuss his career, Elon Musk, his new special, and much more. Schulz also happens to be a die-hard New York Knicks fan, and you could sense his passion for the team throughout this interview. However, he has had his fair share of issues with the Knicks as well, specifically owner James Dolan. But we are here to change that narrative today. I'll let the guys explain this one...


Andrew Schulz: New York is a basketball city, I don't think people realize it. It is pure basketball, we grew up playing basketball. None of us grew up playing hockey, none of us grew up playing football. I grew up in Manhattan, there was no football field for me to play at. I played my basketball games for my high school at Basketball City, because we didn't even have a basketball gym. So it's like, this is all we care about, this is all we know. And if the Knicks actually won a championship, oh my God. Like, whoever's on that team, you're knighted. 

Mr. Cat: Yeah, I mean, the Knicks beat the Celtics in the first game of the season, and it was like a fucking parade. 

Andrew Schulz: Exactly. I mean, he's so sensitive [Dolan], he won't even let me sit court side, man. 

Mr. Cat: Really?

Andrew Schulz: Yeah, dude.

Mr. Cat: You're banned?

Andrew Schulz: I'm not banned, but I did these shows.

Mr Cat: But if you bought a ticket...

Andrew Schulz: I'm a season ticket holder, so I have fucking tickets. You don't got to give me tickets, I'll go. I don't want to call you for fucking tickets or do that whole fucking rigmarole, I go. But I was doing these shows at Radio City, right? I had two shows at Radio City, sold out. They own Radio City, Madison Square Garden, everybody's on. And usually what they do is if you have a show, they go, they put you down there, you sit next to a guy on The Sopranos for two episodes and then you, like, say hi, wave at the camera. And I was going to do some you know, I was going to try to do some funny shit with that moment, right? And so I hit them up about it, like, and listen, this is not, like, half full. We sold out two Radio City shows in one night. 12,00 people, that's The Garden if we wanted. And then I get the fucking… and then they tell me, "You know, we heard you said some things about Dolan and they're not gonna do…" I couldn't believe it. I'm like, "I'm trying to promote the shows at your venue."

Mr. Cat: Right, I'm making you money. 

Andrew Schulz: I pay you to come to the games already. 

Mr. Commenter: It's just insane. He must have a full time guy that works for him whose job is to just, like, scour the Internet for any mention of James Dolan. Jake, you should write an article about this interview about James Dolan, knowing that he'll see it.

Andrew Schulz: He'll absolutely read it, 100%. And the only reason, and I've gone pretty wild on a few podcasts.


Mr. Cat: You've said some fucked up shit. That's the part that we're not hearing here. Andrew's like, "They won't let me sit court side!" It's like, let's go find the tape, I know it for a fact. 

Andrew Schulz: I want to do The Garden, that's the goal. Like for the next tour, the goal is The Garden. So, you know, James, you're the man. 

Mr. Commenter: Yeah, Jake, that's the article. Andrew Schulz praises James Dolan, says "Best Owner in Sports."

Mr. Cat: Jalen Brunson, "Home run signing." We'll get it for you. Home run signing.

Well, there you have it. James Dolan is the man, according to Andrew Schulz. Jalen Brunson is an elite signing, according to Andrew Schulz. Hopefully this blog is a step in the right direction towards allowing Schulz to sit court side for his favorite team.