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Step On Up And Watch WhiteSoxDave Hit The Everliving Shit Out Of This Golf Ball

I, uh, I have no idea how WSD did this. From making contact with that sort of speed, to his leg kick out to the ball going directly sideways it's art. And hey, I know some of the worst on social media is breaking down golf swing guy and all that. So credit to Dave for showing up. Also credit to Dave for a veteran move. Asking for a mulligan before the ball stops rolling on this beauty of a shot: 

If you say mulligan before the ball comes to rest it counts. Golf rules 101 right there. But back to the beauty of the first shot. Look at this still shot. 

How the fuck does someone get the club head to get that way with the ball right there? I'm not just baffled, I'm impressed. It's so bizarre that I have no idea what he even did. I say this as someone whose life is currently based around making sure my kids are alive, blogging and golfing. That's about it, meaning I golf and blog a lot.  Speaking of impressive. I can't believe Dave didn't throw the club. It's called leadership, folks. It's called keeping your cool when you have to re-tee. 

Fucking Dave man. Only WSD would have this happen to him. What a golf shot. 

PS: Eddie's laugh is the best part of this all.