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Bizarre Video From This Weekend Of A Cop Shoving Packers RB AJ Dillon After He Came Down To The Field To Hype Up The Crowd At Lambeau

Over the weekend FC Bayern Munich and Manchester City played an exhibition match at Lambeau Field. During a weather delay a few security guards helped Packers running back AJ Dillon hop out of the stands to hype up the fans and do a Lambeau Leap. What followed was a bizarre interaction with a police officer that resulted in Dillon getting yanked and shoved. 

Now obviously the cop wasn't as familiar with AJ Dillon as the security guards were. Not gonna rip on him for that considering it's pouring rain and he's there to control the crowd. While you'd think it's required by law for everyone to bleed green and gold up in Green Bay, I guess that's not the case. What's weird to me is this alternate angle that shows the cop seemingly being understanding with Dillon and backing away. Not really sure where the yank and shove were warranted in the slightest. 

I can't understand for the life of me what changed in those 5-10 seconds, but big props to Dillon for being cool about it even with the cop being a dick. 

Gotta wonder if the cop had any relation to this mascot and was trying to enact some payback

Overall a bizarre incident, but luckily didn't spiral into something worse. Good on Dillon for being calm the whole time and just being an awesome dude trying to entertain the fans. Expecting big things from him this upcoming season considering the Packers once again decided wide receivers weren't important.