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Lake Lanier Strikes Again. Boat Catches Fire In The Middle Of The Lake

I think this is it. Drain Lake Lanier. It's getting undeniable that there are evil forces at play here. Maybe not ghost per se, but maybe instead people with financial interests tied to the Lake that prevent anyone from taking action even though the lake appears to be an endless run of disasters and tragedies. This is what has happened just this year

  • July 2: Frantz Scutt, 48, of Gainesville was pulled from Lake Lanier at a home in the Little River area.
  • June 24: A man drowned in Lake Lanier at Vanns Tavern Park in Forsyth County.
  • June 23: A man’s body was recovered from Lake Lanier in the Longwood Park area of Gainesville. 
  • June 18: Kaiyan Ding, 29, of Atlanta, jumped off a rented pontoon boat in the area of Holiday Marina.
  • May 29: Jose Camarillo, 19, of Stone Mountain, had been swimming at Margaritaville when he went under and his friends couldn’t find him.

That feels like a lot. We covered Lake Lanier and all the mysteries, curses, and hyperbole surrounding one of America's most visited lakes. Maybe it is just a numbers game. They do get 12 million tourists per year and maybe the odds of drownings just increase with that volume of people. Or maybe there is something genuinely dangerous about the bottom of the man made lake that causes weird currents and debris that results in far too many deaths. Seems like something the state of Georgia should look into at this point. "Drain the lake" was hyperbole, but I do think that a full investigation and hopefully some solutions are offered because this is genuinely tragic. 

I blogged this because so many people sent to it me after the dogwalk episode we did not too long ago.