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Starting To Feel Bad For Anyone Who Attempts To Race Sydney McLaughlin Because It's Always An Ass Kicking

Credit to me for not talking about Kentucky in the headline. Sydney McLaughlin and Abby Steiner are straight up stars in the track and field world at the age of 22. Not bad. But this is about Sydney. I don't even know why people dare get on the same track as her. You're only competing for second place. Look at what she did to close out the 4x4 relay last night. Look at what she did when she set a world record earlier in the World Championships: 

Hilariously fast. Then again we should have saw it coming: 

Sydney McLaughlin being simply too damn fast for the rest of the world. It's not fair. It's so bad I feel bad for people competing for other countries. How do you show up just knowing you have zero shot? don't know how one gets THIS fast and this good at hurdles. That's what Sydney McLaughlin does though. Shout out Kentucky. Shout out Union Catholic. Shout out USA. 

Legit chance to go down as one of the top-2 or 3 female track stars of all time.