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Brazilian 'Influencer' Claims She Was Kicked Out Of A Miami Supermarket For The Heinous Crime Of Being Too Hot While Wearing Revealing Clothes

[Post] - An influencer has claimed she was kicked out of a US supermarket for being “hot” and wearing revealing clothing.

Brazilian woman Iara Ferreira said she was shopping in Miami when a supermarket employee approached her and asked the content creator to leave the store.

She claimed he recognized her from her OnlyFans account, and he assumed she would be showing off in the store and filming it.

“I felt humiliated, I was in shock when he took me out of the market screaming. My look was not scandalous. I wear it in Brazil, on a daily basis, and I never went through that."

“The employee accused me of something I didn’t do. For me it’s prejudice just because I’m hot.

Now what the fuck is this. First off, we're talking about a store in Miami. I'm pretty sure 99% of people in Miami are too hot and wear 'revealing' clothes. Whatever that means. I don't know, I wear random ass t-shirts and shorts. Who declares what's so revealing, especially when we're talking about a party town like Miami. I assume if you're in anything more than a bathing suit there you're slightly overdressed. That's just the go-to attire. 

And ole Iara Ferreira has legs to stand on. Do you know how hard it is to be hot? Let me tell you, it's tough. People look at us, we have to worry about our style. I know you may be saying I'm not hot, but uh, ever hear of Out and About? This is what we call a little boost folks. 

Just like I have to watch what shorts I wear around Joey, Iara apparently has to be careful what she wears around Miami supermarket employees. How about the balls on this guy to admit he knows she's an OnlyFans model? Might as well just pay her the subscription fee right then and there. Clear confession that you're a subscriber. 

New rule. If you wear something in Brazil, you're allowed to wear it in Miami. Fair is fair. And no more berating us hot people.