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Decent Weekend For One-Armed Basketball Star Hansel Emmanuel: Officially Committed To Play Division I, Then Put A Show On At The Drew League

Decent little weekend for Hansel Emmanuel. Officially committed to Northwestern State meaning he's Division I basketball player Hansel Emmanuel. Pretty damn good when you have, you know, one arm. This isn't one of those little oh he'll be a nice story. Oh no. The dude can play. 

Personally I'm just glad he didn't go to Memphis. Can't have a soft spot for Memphis anymore. So how does Emmanuel follow up committing to Northwestern State? A little stop at the Drew League. Unlike LeBron I didn't see any crying or complaining about fouls too. 

His whole story is ridiculous too. (h/t Orlando)

Donato Domínguez remembers as if it were yesterday the moment when his life changed forever. He was 6 years old when he was playing in his native Dominican Republic and a wall came down. He was trapped for almost two hours and it was his father who had to come to his rescue. That day he lost his left arm and with this the hope of playing baseball again, a sport that he practiced at that time.

Insane and terrifying to think about all at once. But here we are. Turned himself into a 3 star recruit. Got himself a Division I offer and had Baron Davis bring him out to play in the Drew League. Not bad. Not bad at all.