Nick Castellanos vs. Philly Media Is About To Become The Greatest Rivalry In Sports After This Testy Exchange

The Phillies came out of the All Star break like a bunch of guys who spent a long weekend getting completely buckled and then has to show up to work on Monday morning with a shit ton of meetings on the schedule. They got their dicks kicked in 3 straight times by the Cubs, and Nick Castellanos went 0/5 on Friday and then turned around and went 0/4 on Saturday. So the Philly Phaithful hit him with some boo's after the performance. No big deal, happens to pretty much every athlete who has ever once played in Philly. 

But then we get into the locker room and Jim Salisbury wants to get into it. I'm going to assume that he probably had a further line of questioning to get into besides just asking "did you hear the fans booing you". I mean I'm praying that there were a couple of follow up questions planned for that one. But he never got to the follow ups because like Castellanos said, "that's a stupid question, bro". 

And that's when all hell broke loose. 

I love this shit. Live for this shit, even. I love when old media gets called out for thinking they can just do and say whatever they want to these guys in the locker room just because they have access. Just because they have a badge and a tape recorder. But I also love when these guys think that they're doing the most important job in the world and that makes them beyond reproach in these situations. The players get pissy because they know that they suck at the moment. The journalists get pissy because they're just miserable humans. It's the perfect storm for a good ol' fashion Fuck You Off. And this one has the chance to really develop into an all time Philly sports rivalry here. So credit to Nick Castellanos for calling out the stupid question, and credit to Jim Salisbury for not giving a shit and immediately getting more pissy right back at him. This rivalry has legs and I can't wait to see where it goes from here. 

Sidenote: You ever think that maybe sometimes a Nick Castellanos slump is a good thing? It seems like bad news always precedes a Castellanos bomb. So if he's not hitting, that just means that there's no bad news in the world. It's not his fault.