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Hell Broke Loose At A Kid Rock Concert In North Dakota After He Had To Cancel It Due To A Wind Storm

ABC North Dakota - Kid Rock canceled his North Dakota concert Friday due to bad weather in a move that triggered a backlash from fans who proceeded to trash the venue, according to a report.

He was supposed to take the stage at the North Dakota State Fair in Minot around 9:30 p.m., however wind and lightning on the outskirts of the town continued to delay the show, reports said.

Fans in the 18,000-person audience reportedly became enraged after a sheriff's deputy announced the concert was canceled.

Some people threw beer cans, while another man climbed on stage and took a threatening stance before security tackled him, the report said.

Yet another man was handcuffed and led away by the police, reports said.

Kid Rock issued a statement on Twitter, saying in part:

Sometimes the blog gods are just too on point. This is one of those cases.

A couple days ago I blogged about Kid Cudi performing at Miami's Rolling Loud music festival, being pelted with trash, and walking off stage. 

The Mensa members in the comment section shockingly shit all over Rolling Loud, being a "rap festival", rap fans in general, and "anybody interested in anything involving Kanye West."

Fast forward a couple of days later and we have our guy Bob Richie canceling a performance at a state fair in North Dakota and fans going ape shit.

To say I cannot wait to see the logical and definitely not racist contingent of commenters try and spin this one is the understatement of the century. 

As I said in the Kanye and Kid Cudi blog, if you go to a sporting event or concert and throw anything onto the field or on stage you are just a flat out trash human being. Doesn't matter the sport, or the kind of concert. You should be put on a watchlist and never allowed to attend any public performance or game again. 

The worst part of this shit in North Dakota is who are these people even mad at? It wasn't like Kid Rock was on stage performing when they let it rain trash.

So you've got poor outsourced, underpaid and overworked security trying to deal with the mess.

I will say, the guard who Goldberg speared that guy on stage looked like he was loving it.

But everybody else had to be miserable.

The other shitty part is Kid Rock is taking a shit ton of blame for this when he actually had no say in it whatsoever. 

When there's thunder and lightning in the area, cancellations are inevitable. Doesn't matter what you're doing if you're outside. Top it off with crazy powerful winds, (and you look at that stage setup), and there's no way this show could have went on.

The people everybody should have been pissed off at was the jagoffs running the State Fair.

They had weather reports hours in advance. They knew what was happening. Instead of telling people way earlier that the show was canceled, they pulled a page out of what MLB ballparks do and open the gates, let paying customers in, let them spend in the gift shops and concession stands, postpone and draw out the "delay," let customers spend some more, then issue a cancellation hours later. That's what's bullshit and some of the people they interviewed were right -

"Reschedule," Greg Pelletier tweeted. "Fishy that the Midway and side stage went on as usual after the tornado warning and delay. Travelled over 300 miles for this. Dropped a lot of $ on a day the fam looked forward to for a long time. Huge disappointment," Pelletier said.

"He was told he had to be done at 10:30," Shawn Kuhnhenn said. "It's totally on the fair!"

If I drove 300 miles to see the Detroit Cowboy sing "Picture" and didn't get to, I'd be pretty fucking pissed off too. But never throw trash on stage scumbags.