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The Swim Trunk F*ck Method | Yo Can I Get This On Barstool Episode 9

Welcome to Episode 9 of Yo! Can I Get This On Barstool?, the series where Nick, KB and I review videos that people send in to Barstool in hopes of getting on our main Instagram account. This is part two of our Barstool Idol Submission Special, and if the first one left you scratching your head this one will possibly give you nightmares. 

It begins innocently enough with a guy eating a sandwich who, like, couldn't care less, but just wanted us to know he's awesome... but the submissions spiral from there. If you make it past the incoherent, drunk-Hasselhoff type fellow with his balls out in the tub, God bless you. On the bright side, at least you'll know the Swim Trunk Fuck Method™ if you proceed. 

Laugh (and cringe) along with us, and don't forget to subscribe to The YAK on Youtube!