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Jaylen Brown's New Underwater Training Routine Pretty Much Guarantees He's Poised For A Monster Season

Holy shit. What the hell did I just watch? All I know is I'm exhausted. One of the best parts of the offseason is knowing that Jaylen is going to come back an even better player, which is pretty awesome when you remember how good he already is

A few weeks ago we got the footage that he was working with TMac which obviously got the blood flowing

because everyone knows that Summer Workout SZN is the exact thing that helps get us all through this downtime. I need these types of videos. You need these types of videos. So let's talk about this latest Aquaman-esq workout that might actually be the most ridiculous thing I've ever seen. For starters, I'm drowning in about 2 seconds doing that shit. No chance I survive. After doing some research I learned that this really helps with conditioning and breath control. Hell yeah. So Jaylen is never going to get tired now? Sign me the hell up for that. He only played 33.6 minutes a game last year which wasn't even a career high so I'm ready to see that number balloon to a cool 48. 

I'm also not a doctor or a physical therapist or a trainer of any kind, but I'm just going to tell myself this is also going to help with Jaylen's explosion. For a guy that already has a pretty legit roster of posters, this also excites me quite a bit. Think about it. 2022-23 Jaylen is just going to be this physical monster that never gets tired and just dunks on everyone without breaking a sweat? That works. 

So far we're checking off all the boxes you should want to see from Jaylen's offseason in terms of workout video propaganda. All we need next is a dribbling exercise video and we're officially cooking with gas. Something tells me after watching that pool workout that it's on the list and Jaylen is leaving no stone unturned. Every year brings us an even better version of Jaylen and I dunno about you but I cannot wait to see what's on deck. 

Just start the season already. July 24th? That's bullshit. Bring me October immediately.