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The Red Sox Gave Up The Funniest Inside The Park Home Run Ever. A Grand Slam No Less!

Just not the Red Sox night, eh? Currently down 14-1 and that is partially because of this play by Jarren Duran. Fly ball that should have gotten them out of the inning and my guy just didn't see it. Flat out lost it. The image of him starring back into the infield with his hands up and the ball bouncing behind him is great. Has to feel like the loneliest man on the planet. 

We have to talk about the effort after too. Yes he should have been getting backed up by the other outfielders, but that's a routine fly ball so they were counting on him catching it. Instead he casually jogs back to the ball as the left fielder sprints over to get the ball in. He wasn't even close to it at first either. That ball fell 40 feet behind him. Hell of a play and effort, laugh out loud funny stuff.