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Some Lunatic Media Member Picked Vanderbilt To Win The SEC Title .... In Football. Seriously.

Let me be very clear. Someone who has a vote that 'matters' picked Vanderbilt to win the SEC. Not Alabama. Not Auburn. Not Georgia. Not Texas A&M. VANDERBILT. This Vanderbilt! The Vanderbilt that went 2-10 a year ago. Now I need to know if this was on purpose. Did someone hit a wrong button or get really blitzed and decide to be funny? I have no idea how anyone with a brain thinks Vanderbilt can compete in the SEC East, let alone win something in this conference. 

Now do media preseason votes mean anything? No. It's nice to see some expectations for teams and what people generally think about your program. But this means quite literally nothing. I just need to know who burned a vote on Vandy like it's The Challenge. Probably had some sort of deal with Clark Lea to throw him a bone or something. 

Nice pick for 2nd in the East though. Hard to argue with that. Glad some people still have brains.