Rat Vs. Pigeon Deathmatch: A New York City Short Film

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BRAVO! BRAVO!!! Someone better submit this shit to the Tribeca Film Festival whenever the hell that takes place because I have never seen New York City so succinctly summed up in 10 seconds. Ruthless fighting, deplorable filth, and the grandiose music providing the perfect big city feel. We even had two of the three unofficial animals of New York City star in this masterpiece, with the New York rat taking on the New York flying rat (I like to think a cockroach AKA the New York insect rat was the one filming on its phone to make it a clean sweep).

People along with the media like to say that New York City is dead. But as long as the creatures this city both big or small keep the spirit of New York alive, there is no way you can kill America's truest metropolis.

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In full disclosure, I took a good chunk of this blog from an old rat vs. pigeon fight that apparently is no longer on the internet. I like to think that this is Rat vs. Pigeon II in what would be an incredible trilogy. But there is no doubt in my mind that the animals from the first video are dead as fuck and the pigeon from this video didn't make it from whatever unspeakable hell it went through underneath that car.

Anyway, Happy Friday everyone!