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The Bengals Did The Impossible - Got The Entire Internet To Agree That These New Helmets Are AWESOME

Fuck, that's awesome. I know I've made fun of the Bengals jerseys before because I think they should have the best look in the game. Awesome color scheme, stripes, tigers, all that shit. But their jerseys just feel ... underwhelming. That was before they unveiled this alternate helmet. This is AWESOME. 

But listen, it's more than just the white helmet. The Bengals are making smart moves. The Bengals are even cool. That's not how it typically is with this franchise. At least not the smart part. Usually it's this city bitching about the owner and keeping coaches too long and needing a quarterback. That's all gone now. Joe Burrow made the Bengals cool. Ja'Marr Chase made them cooler somehow. 

Although I have to admit, Clem nailed it: 

I've been rewatching some old Wrestlemanias and Royal Rumbles during the day and yeah. I hear Sable's music too. 

Giphy Images.

But back to the point here. The fact that all of Twitter agrees they are awesome is damn near impossible. People never agree on something. But this? This is all it took. An alternate helmet. Just further proof that's all we need. Everyone should release alternate gear.