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Chris Castellani Swung Through We Gotta Believe And Brought More Heat Talking About The Mets Than He Did On Any Other Baseball Show This Week

Alright, in all honesty I wanted to blog about today's We Gotta Believe where we were joined by baseball super robot and bandwagon Mets fan Chris Castellani to get his takes on the 2022 Mets, potential deadline moves, and what the Mets should give up in a hypothetical Juan Soto deal, which to be clear is:

KFC said it best when he called Juan Soto a player you build a statue for. I have decided to dub him a Statue Player because I grew up on Mike Francesa and can pretty much hear Mike coming up with this then saying the term Stah Chew Playuh for an entire afternoon.


Anyway, as I was putting together the blog, I noticed my pals at Barstool Chicago had Chris on Red Line Radio this week, so I had to trump White Sox Dave's blog about Chris' appearance with my own. This is by no means a shot fired at Dave, as I do not want to be placed on the Banned List for when the White Sox win their next World Series. I just think the blog is more fun when it feels like a living creature where the bloggers somehow interact with each other. This may sound crazy to newer Stoolies now that everyone is silo'd off now doing their own content. But Barstool was at its best back in the day when the blog felt like it was breathing.

So check out our episode with Chris above talking about the Mets since he likes this team more than any non-Mets fan I know and even more than a good chunk of Mets fans I see on Twitter.

Giphy Images.

Then check out Red Line Radio with those delightful fellas in the Midwest for all things All-Star Game related along with some AL/NL Central love. Don't do it for me or for them. Do it for Chris because he's utterly delightful (and do it for me too I guess).