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Watermelon Says Summer Like No Other, Especially With Vodka!

Nothing says summer like watermelon, does it? It brings back memories of being with my family when I was young, long conversations with my grandmother, who cut up the watermelon in chunks for us, and being at the lake with my kids. Fun lazy days chatting with my kids, nothing better!  

Add some vodka to the Watermelon and you have summer in a glass!  For me the mint says summer equally as much as watermelon.  Another memory of my grandmother, who made the best mint syrup, but she called it mint julep.

Even if you don't have watermelon memories or love mint like I do, you will still LOVE this cocktail. You MUST use fresh watermelon! You can buy it in a wedge like this:

I've been making the cocktails at work to enjoy with the other Barstool people. Sometimes you have to get creative around here, but thats my strength.

I shared the cocktail with everyone on the Yak today.  Owen seemed to be more obsessed with the smell. Also, I couldn't figure out why that was! 

I make it here: 

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