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WATCH: Disney World Devolves Into An All-Out Brawl In Fantasyland

Fox News — According to the Daily Mail's reporting, the incident began when a female Disney guest waiting to get into Mickey's PhilharMagic realized she had left her phone on her electric conveyance vehicle and left the line to get it, while her family remained. When she returned, another family tried to block her from rejoining the line. Her family then reportedly waited outside the theater and confronted the other group.

"We don't appreciate you guys pushing my younger sister," one of them reportedly said to the other family.

From there, the confrontation devolved into a shouting match and then a physical fight before security and law enforcement got involved.

The Most Magical Place on Earth!

I've always said to never trust people who get family t-shirts made for trips to Disney World. Getting in a physical altercation in Fantasyland isn't the norm, but the best case for a T-Shirt Family is that they're all overzealous losers taking Disney World far too seriously. The worst case is shown above. At least the teams are clearly defined if a situation like this breaks out, though.

But imagine getting in a fight over fucking Mickey's PhilharMagic? A mid attraction at best. If someone wants to cut back in line for the big reveal of Donald Duck's animatronic ass sticking out of the back of the theater at the end, let them have at it. The best thing about PhilharMagic is being in the air conditioning for 20 minutes.

If you're getting into a brawl over cutting in line, have it be at an attraction that's actually worth it — like Buzz Lightyear's Space Ranger Spin.