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Chris Castellani Swung Through Red Line Radio and Brought AL Central HEAT

Chris Castellani is quickly becoming one of my favorite coworkers. It takes a lot for me to say that given his last name being... ya know... "greasy", but I can put my anti-gabagool bias aside when said gabagool proves he's good people. That's what Chris has done since myself and the Chicago office has gotten to know him more over the last year or so. 

But this dude is also a baseball freak. I can't remember if it was on or off camera, but a few weeks back KFC said something along the lines of "I'm a mega Mets fan, but I don't follow the league as a whole under a microscope" and over the years, that's what I've become. I'll watch Sunday night games and whatever day game is on, but I'm not paying too much attention to Rockies' box scores or what the 3rd starter on Miami is up to. That wasn't always the case, just a byproduct of getting older I suppose.

That's not Chris though. He could rattle off the utility guy for the Padres in 2 shakes of a lamb's tail. That's why I love having him on Red Line Radio to talk baseball. I learn something from him and I love surrounding myself with people who have a more knowledgable brain on the landscape of not just the state of baseball, but anything else. 

So we gots to talking shop about the AL Central and baseball as a whole:

Grab yourself a great tasting, less filling Miller Lite and pop on this whirlwind of an episode:

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When Chris hopped on yesterday, I said straight up that I wish I could hate him more this summer. I wish that the White Sox and Tigers were duking it out at the top of the division like most national "experts" thought they would be. But… na. Can't have nice things. Sox are 3 games back (though playing very well of late) and the Tigers are BAD. Like bad bad. They should sell off every piece they can, fire Avila, and start from scratch. Again. Cuz this aint it.

Chris breaks it down. There's not really anyone else at the company I enjoy talking baseball with more than Chris, aside from MAYBE Chuck Naso. Chris is as knowledgable on league happenings as anyone in the 'biz though. Can't wait to do more shit with him.

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