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Cue The Instagram Photos! Kyler Murray Finally Got His MASSIVE Contract Extension From The Arizona Cardinals

Thus ends one of the greatest internet investigations of our time of whether or not Kyler Murray had pictures of Arizona Cardinals pictures in his Instagram (at least until he gets mad at the team in a couple of years because they can't surround him with any good weapons). A riveting time for all of us in the journalism #biz that included a full fucking thesis from Kyler's agent at 8:40 AM on a Monday morning.

Now Kyler is being paid a CRAAAAAZY amount of money to play football, that is until you remember that every NFL deal is not nearly as wild as the first announced numbers appear to be and a franchise QB is worth his weight in gold (even though Bradley Beal just signed a five-year deal worth more than Kyler's that is completely guaranteed with a no trade clause because the NBA is #THISLEAGUE).

Nonetheless, Kyler will be playing quarterback in Arizona like a video game character for the foreseeable future, or at least until he starts breaking down around November at which point Cardinals fans hope their good start with a healthy Kyler gets them into the playoffs. 

All in all, this is a great day for all those involved, especially Kyler who now gets Fuck You money to play football instead of playing baseball for a team that did this.

P.S. This is an absolutely silly stat: