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Tom Brady Is Going To Win Super Bowl LVII Thanks to JLo

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Every year before the NFL season kicks off I always pick 2 teams to win the Super Bowl. One of them is always the Pittsburgh Steelers strictly out of respect and the other is just a random team. The last couple years I haven't even been close, but that's all about to change thanks to Ben Affleck and Jenifer Lopez. What does JLo and Affleck have to do with winning a Super Bowl you ask? It means Tom Brady is a lock to win it all. Every Year Lopez has gotten married Brady gets a ring. It never fails. 

In 1997 Jenifer Lopez got married to Ojani Noa. I have no clue who that is but it doesn't matter. You maybe asking yourself wait a second Tom wasn't in the NFL in 1997. You are right. That doesn't mean he didn't get a ring. In 1997 Brady was the backup quarterback for the Michigan Wolverines. That team won the Big Ten Conference Championship and was named the AP poll National Champion.

Fast foward to 2001. Jenifer gets married to Cris Judd. The marriage is brief and only lasts till 2003. Does Brady get another ring sure he does! In 2002 Brady gets his first Super Bowl ring. Brady led the Patriots to a win over the Rams. (20-17).

Just a year later Lopez gets married again. This time is a little different though. The marriage lasts for 10 years with singer-song writer Marc Anthony. (2004-2014). Not only does Brady get one ring during this span, he gets 2 winning the Super Bowl in 2004, and 2005.

Brady goes on to win 4 more rings while JLo sits back contemplating who to marry next. Then she rekindles the relationship she once had with actor Ben Affleck. In 2022 they get married. Well it's 2022 and it means one thing: Tom Brady will win his 8th Super Bowl. 

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The math adds up. This is the year where I will finally win a Super Bowl future bet. You can get it now on the Barstool Sportsbook at +750 odds. Sounds like a deal to me. Good luck to Jennifer and Ben, I don't see a world where they split up.